Sustainability is the core of Hexicon’s mission: to bring floating wind to the world and in doing so expand human potential.

We do that by creating ground-breaking wind farms, by making our products more sustainable, by building a creative and diverse global team, and by making a positive impact in the community we live in. We are building capacity for clean electricity to more than 1.5 million households before 2030, with minimal environmental impact, socially responsible production, and robust governance.

In order to amplify the transition to our envisioned future, we have launched our Vision for 2030. It is focused around three key pillars.

Powered by the Ocean
The oceans are the source of our energy and therefore an enabler for sustainable growth. They should be treated with respect, with minimized impact on all marine life and no waste.

Energizing Climate Action
Hexicon aims to achieve minimum environmental impact in all projects and across all operations, and to become a driving force in the renewable energy sector with offshore wind as the main solution to climate action.

Trusted Partner
Hexicon aims to be the trusted partner and employer when leading the wind of change towards a renewable future. Hexicon is committed to maintaining a robust governance and diverse leadership in all operations and the supply chain to ensure the long-term survival of Hexicon.

Hexicon will monitor and disclose an extensive number of key performance indicators to follow up the progress of realizing the vision for 2030.